All-cause Heart Failure

congestive heart failure: Failure of the heart to pump a sufficient amount of blood to meet the needs of the body tissues, resulting in tissue congestion and edema. Signs and symptoms include shortness of breath, pitting edema, enlarged tender liver, engorged neck veins, and pulmonary rales.

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First used in FinnGen datafreeze DF3

Summary Statistics

Key figures

All Female Male
Number of individuals 30086 13992 16094
Unadjusted prevalence (%) 11.57 9.52 14.23
Mean age at first event (years) 65.89 65.15 66.53


Follow-up Absolute risk HR [95% CI] p N
1998–2019 0.10 6.15 [5.56, 6.80] <1e-100 9487
15 years 0.05 6.89 [6.33, 7.50] <1e-100 8781
5 years 0.01 9.31 [8.56, 10.11] <1e-100 4784
1 year 0.00 13.04 [11.35, 15.00] <1e-100 1478


Index endpoint: I9_HEARTFAIL_ALLCAUSE – All-cause Heart Failure
GWS hits: 3

Survival analyses between endpoints


before All-cause Heart Failure
after All-cause Heart Failure

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